I enrolled in Bible College in 1985 and dropped out in 1988 without a degree. 

I spent those three years finding out how much I did not know.  It turns out that it was quite a lot. We ran out of money and time so we moved on to volunteering to join a church planting team on the campus of a local university and that would change everything…

Hatch thinks I’ve lost a little weight? He’s been making comments all week long and he’s not wrong. I am down 31 pounds and I now weigh less than what my drivers license says I weigh. Always a good thing when you stop lying to yourself. 

Set some BIG goals for 2023


How to set yearly goals: 
~Write them down.
~Pray over them. 
~Measure them.

Heli was Mary the Mother of Jesus’ dad. That would make him Jesus’ maternal grandfather. The Bible is silent about Heli, who he was, what he did for a living and what kind of relationship he had with his grandson Jesus. We only know his name...