A Green Movement

   Hatch and I spent the morning talking about windmills, solar panels and renewable energy. We both agreed that we want to take good care of the earth and then leave behind a healthy planet with resources for the next generation. 
    But Hatch does not trust the leaders of the global warming crowd or the green new deal politicians. He doubts their honesty and questions the motives of their heart. Hatch thinks that the Green Movement at large is a cover for people with evil motives to amass power and wealth at the expense of the common people. 
     I think the dog is on to something. Hatch’s closing statement to his argument this morning as we were taking our morning walk was very well put and I wanted to share it with you.
   “When the Climate Change preachers park their private jets, trades their limos for a bicycle and move into a house that is not connected to the fossil fuel grid, then I will take them serious. Until then I’d rather not be manipulated.”
Well said Hatch. Well said.

Let’s go for a ride in the pick up truck, roll down the windows and let  the summer air do it’s magic.

“The Earth is the Lords and everything in it.”
Psalms 24:1