A June Vacation

     Me and Hatch have been on vacation for the whole month of June and we didn’t post on the blog at all. We were pretty busy for those 30 days and took a lot of time to sit and rest and think and pray and sleep. My sweet Rachel and I are very grateful for a wonderful staff and a generous church that would allow us to take four weeks of vacation in a row. 
    Most of the years gone by we would head up to the Smokies on Memorial Day and enjoy family vacation for two weeks. But now that all of our children are adults and four out of five of them are married, our life has adapted to a new reality. Grandparents. 
    The baby of the family turns 21 this year and will soon be graduating from college and I guess we will become empty-nesters. Raising those five kids has been the highlight of our lives and the crowning achievement of our marriage. The good news is me and my girlfriend are still young and healthy and with the grace of God we plan to enjoy the next phase of our life together. Ms Rachel and I have been together since 1979 when we met in church youth group. We became best friends and got married right out of high school in 1981. 
    Now we’re entering into a new era of our life and our marriage and our ministry. On our vacation this year we went to the movies every week, I went fishing more than I should have and even learned how to crab out by Lake Pontchartrain. 
I took Hatch for a walk in the neighborhood several times a day and me and the dog watched a lot of mystery movies on TV. It was a wonderful vacation but we’re both happy to be back at work and I really missed preaching on Sunday so it was good to be back in the saddle last weekend. 
    We are so grateful for all the blessings in our life and on our children and their families and on our dog, Hatch.
Let’s get back to work.