Bible Smuggler

In the sumner of 1979 when I was 16 years old the little country church that I attended had a guest speaker. I wish I could remember his name but I can't but I'll never forget what he preached. He was recruiting people for his ministry of smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. In the 1970s about 1/3 of the nations on the earth were dominated by communism. The communist dictators forced atheism on the people they ruled and banned the Bible. The church with  leaders like Brother Andrew and his ministry Open Doors made up the difference by smuggling Bibles to the believers in communist countries.

   As I sat and listened to him preach I was so inspired by the stories that after service I went up to him and volunteered to go with him and smuggle Bibles.

He was very kind and listened to my request but gently told me that I was too young to go and that I would have to wait until I turned 18.

When I got home that day from church I told my mom what I did and that I planned to be a Bible smuggler. She said, "Son you're 16 and you're not going anywhere right now but we will talk about it later".


Mothers are very wise.


Brother Andrew the original Bible Smuggler died a few weeks ago. He brought the Bible to untold and millions and inspired a generation of young men like me to love the Word of God.


Thank you Brother Andrew.