Birthdays, Parties & Road Trips

I celebrated my birthday on October 4 with a short road trip. By the way I share a birthday with President Rutheford B Hayes... I thought you'd like to know. He was 140 years older than me, so he's dead, I think?


   Anyway, Ms Rachel and I spent a few days in Gulf Shores, AL as we do each year during this week in October. This little get away serves several different purposes; I write sermon series themes for the next calendar year, draft the annual budget for the church and spend a few days with my girl Rachel. 

  But the rest of the story is,  I picked the week of my birthday to leave town because I don't like birthday parties or surprises and I don't know why. I love celebrations and birth in general but I do not like being the 'birthday boy' or being sung to by groups of people who can't sing anyway. The whole birthday party thing needs to be updated. Maybe we should invent a new way to celebrate our birthdays. Write a new song?!
Maybe we should include the Mom who gave birth. 
If anybody is worthy of a cake it's Mom. 


    We worked on sermons and budgets, ate some good food and walked on the beach. The weather was perfect this year and we accomplished all of our goals!


~2023 Sermon Series planned.  
~Annual budget written.
~Lots of rest. 

And I didn't have to pretend I like birthday parties. 

Before we left for the beach last week, Ms Rachel did make brunch for me and our entire family! 

All 5 of our kids and our 9 grandchildren came to our house last Saturday to celebrate my birthday. But it wasn't a surprise or a party. It was family doing what family does, eating, talking and loving one another. 


Best day ever.