“People change when the pain of not changing is greater than the pain they are trying to avoid.”


     Most of us spend way too much of our time avoiding change. Maybe it’s because we are afraid of the unknown or maybe we are just comfortable with the ways things are, but for some reason we don’t like change.  But this I know, the only constant in life is change. Since we can’t avoid it then maybe we can get out ahead of it, initiate it and use it to grow. 

      We learn by observing the world around us that living, healthy things change and grow. It’s the cycle of life. But the older I get the less I want to change while at the same time the more I become deeply aware that I need it. It’s a puzzle, huh? So it is with great effort and much prayer that a person can choose the change that is most beneficial to himself and others.


May the Lord give us grace to choose the change wisely. 


Hatch is pretty uninterested in this conversation. He fell asleep while I was talking and I think he’s dreaming about staying the same.