Cheese Sticks

    Hatch loves cheese sticks but they make him sick, so I usually have to eat most of them myself. I think it’s kind of funny how particular Hatch’s digestive system is in reality. At one time these dogs lived in the wild, ate from the land and now they’re so delicate that their tummy hurts, if they eat the wrong food. Hatch doesn’t like it when I make fun of his tummy ache but he doesn’t mind mocking me so…

   We were in the mood for cheese sticks the other night, so I went to the grocery store late at night to buy some from the frozen aisle. When I got there and had the cheese sticks in my hand, I couldn’t remember what kind of sauce that we like to dip them in, so I headed for the condiment aisle. 

    When I got there and looked down the 50 foot long aisle, eight shelves high, with 1000 different condiments, it was a little overwhelming. 

I remembered that the DIP was red, so I thought if I walked slowly down the aisle and looked at all the red sauces that it would jog my memory on the proper choice for cheese sticks. After walking up and down the same aisle for 15 minutes, I finally gave up. The only thing left to do was to return the cheese sticks to the freezer aisle and admit defeat.  

So. I went down to the freezer and placed the cheese sticks back on the proper shelf. That’s when I noticed that the box of cheese sticks on the shelf right above, included the dipping sauce inside! 

And in big bold letters on the box, it said, marinara sauce included! 
That was it Marinara Sauce. 

Why is that the only sauce allowed, I wondered. That got me to thinking about DIPS.

    When I got back in the truck, I asked Hatch, “Do you ever think about how specific foods calls for specific sauces?”. Hatch said he has given that subject lots of thought. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a list of food and the proper dipping sauce for each. The list was too long to print, but here’s a few of our favorites.

Me and Hatch’s favorite foods and their perfect dip:

Fried Fish - Tartar
French Fries - Ketchup
Spaghetti - Red Sauce
Pasta - Alfredo
BLT - Mayonnaise
Fried Rice - Soy Sauce
Sushi - Eel Sauce
Ribs - BBQ Sauce
Corndogs - Mustard
Greek food- Tzatziki
Tortilla Chips & Salsa  
Cheese Sticks - Marinara

I did buy the cheese sticks with the marinara included that night, then went home and put them in the oven around midnight and enjoyed them with the marinara dip. Hatcher didn’t eat any. He fell asleep on the couch. 
So did I a little later.