Disappearing Stuff

I was walking Hatch into the groomers last week to get a haircut, and we saw the remains of a phone booth, attached to the wall near the sidewalk . Hatch stopped and looked at it and asked me, "What is that?" so I told him, “before everybody had a phone in their pocket, we would stop at these phone booths, drop in a coin and make a phone call”. 
He thinks that a phone attached to a wall is absolutely hilarious! I told him there's a lot of things that we used to take for granted but now they're gone. "Like what?", He wanted to know. So we have spent the last week making a list of...

Things that  disappeared from our lives in the last 25 years:

A. Phone Booths
B. Cigarette Vending Machine
C. TV Guide
D. Juke Boxes
E. Phone Books
F. Type Writers
G. Film Cameras
H. Fax Machines
I. Rolodex
J. Carbon Paper

And that's just for starters.

Change is hard and it's sad to see some of these things go but I'm sure that we will make it anyway. That's just how life is...