Goal Setting

Set some BIG goals for 2023


How to set yearly goals: 
~Write them down.
~Pray over them. 
~Measure them.


Here are the 5 categories that I use to write my yearly goals. I use the acronym SUPER for the 5 Categories:


1. Spiritual - write some goals about your spiritual life. Fasting. Prayer. Bible reading. Ministry. Etc.

2. Understanding - write some goals about develop- ing yourself. Books to read. Classes to take. Seminars to attend.


3. Personal - write some goals about your health. Food. Exercise. Rest.


4. Economic - write some goals about your finances. Debt. Savings. Investments.

5. Relational - write some goals about your relation- ships. Marriage. Family. Friends. Church.


You may want to consider writing a list of “lifetime goals”. I have about 25 things of my lifetime goal
list that I’m still working toward.