Hatch Is In Trouble

     We are working on our opening story for this Sunday's sermon. Our focus is "What does a healthy Christian marriage look like?" and I was listing some of the unique characteristics of men and women. I looked over at Hatch and he was writing this list:

Hatch's observations about the differences between men and women:

A woman is someone….
....who knows the correct lighting, pose & angle of photography. 

….who thinks organizing a pantry is fun.

….who likes shopping even without buying anything.

….who enjoys describing a problem without needing a solution.

....who can carry on two conversations at one time.

...who is willing to stand in line to go to the bathroom. 

....who's purse is like a second home. 

....who calls her girlfriends by their given names. 
(Three guys go out and its: Chucklehead, Einstein and Goober.)

....who appreciates a good SALE. 
(Guys will pay double the price just so they can leave the store.)

...who will dress up for anything. Answer the phone. Check the mail. Water the plants. (You're lucky if you can get a man to put on pants.)

Hatch, you're going to be in trouble. So much trouble.