I Like The Name Doug!

    This morning I was telling Hatch about an experience that I had at the drive-through at Wendy’s the other day. I was in a long line that stretched around the back side of the restaurant waiting for my turn in the drive-through. When I finally got to the window to pick up my order, a young girl, probably 17 years old or so, took my debit card and ran it through the machine. Then she looked at me when she handed me the receipt and said, “I love the name Doug!”.


    That’s not a phrase that I have heard very often in my life. Let’s face it, Douglas is an old man’s name and it dates back to the early 20th century. In fact the last person that I heard say that they love my name was my dad but that’s good enough for me because I still love it, too. But I know it’s not very popular in this century. On a side-note my dad named me after his childhood best friend that he grew up with in the 1930s so it’s like an inside story of my childhood.

    So I asked the young drive-through attendant why she liked the name Doug. She said my favorite movie is Pixar’s “UP”! And there is a dog character in there whose name is DUG and I love that dog.

   I love him so much that I named my dog after him. And that’s why I love the name Doug. After she told me the story I said thanks and drove away but then I began to wonder if that was a compliment or an insult. So I decided to take it as a compliment that she likes the name Doug because it reminds her of her dog. 


How can you not love a dog named Doug?


Hatch looked at me after I told him the story and said, 

“Douglas really? That is an old man’s name but I love it too!”


Stupid dog just made me shed a tear.


We are going to watch “UP” tonight.