I was teaching Hatch how to log on to our church website last night. It’s a long one, journeyfellowshipchurch.com. Hatch said that our web address is entirely too long. 23 letters followed by the .com. He has a valid point but he is a “hunt and peck” typist though.

     The new TLD “.church” rolled out a few years ago and we bought journeyfellowship.church just to hold on to for future use. We tried to buy “journey.church” but Journey Cleveland was too fast on the draw. I’m glad they landed it though. Journey is rolling out a new website for 2022 and we are putting on the final touches today. It will be going live soon! We still own and will continue to use our old domains but we are introducing a new web address for Journey!


     Journey still owns and uses: journeyfellowshipchurch.com (as well as) .net/.org/.us All of these addresees point to the Journey website. But, now we are adding a new and much shorter online address. JF.CHURCH


Hatch approved and family friendly.