Sometimes I think Hatch is taking me for a walk instead of the other way around. He gets so excited when he sees me heading for the door and realizes it’s time for his walk. We put on his harness and leash and he bolts out the door like a dog on a mission. He leads the whole time and I just try to keep up.


     Because of his passion, Hatch is a leader.


     Let’s talk about leadership and three primary components that makes a person a good leader.


     The first component of leadership is PASSION! Passionate leaders attract, persuade and inspire other people. The second component of leadership is VISION!


     Visionary leaders know where they are going and they help others to get from where they are to where they need to be.


     The third component of leadership is SELFLESSNESS.


     Selfless leaders always look out for their best interest of the people that are following them and they tend to put themselves last.


What traits do most great leaders have in common?





Hatch has one out of three but he is still a puppy.