London Fog and a Funeral

    Hatch and I got up before daylight and walked about a mile in the cool Spring air. I was telling Hatch, that I forgot to bring my jacket this morning and I was a little chilly. The temperature dipped down into the 50s last night…

    Which got me to thinking about my jackets. I have several to choose from, from a simple windbreaker all the way to a heavy winter coat and everything in between.
Hatch asked, “Which one is your favorite jacket?” Well I said it depends on the weather but if I had to chose one it would be the London Fog trench coat.


   I know that it is probably no longer in fashion but I still like it anyway and here is the reason why.


   I’m gonna have to take you back to the 1970s when I was a brand new Christian. I found Christ in 1978 at a tiny little Pentecostal church out in the country, but there was a much bigger church in town that was a huge influence in my life, even though I never attended there regularly. The pastor was Louis Lamonica. Everybody in town knew Brother Lamonica, and he was loved dearly but all of us. When I was about 17 years old, I attended a funeral where he presented the sermon. It was a cold winter’s day, and I don’t remember much about the service or even whose funeral it was, but I do remember standing in the cemetery around the graveside as Pastor Lamonica prayed. I looked up to watch this man of God conduct the final few minutes of the funeral and I was struck by his grace and dignity. I thought to myself, if I ever get to be a pastor I want to be like him. The wind was blowing steady and it was cold at the graveside. That day Brother Lamonica was wearing a London Fog trench coat over his suit and the memory of his influence in my life attached to the memory of him wearing that coat and I vowed to myself that one day I would wear a London Fog coat. I know that seems kind of silly now to associate your calling with raincoat but that’s what happened. Hatch wanted to know if I ever got the London Fog coat!? The answer is yes.



   I told Rachel that story early on in our marriage and she remembered it. Years later, when I turned 30, Rachel bought me a London Fog coat for my birthday. 



   It may be the best gift that I have ever received.