Ms. Ruby

   Me and Hatch bought a boat about a year ago, right when the “pandemic” was ending. It took more than six months to get our tax title and license straight with the state of Louisiana because the state offices were closed and their employees were working from home. We paid our tax, title and license fees the day that we bought the boat but it took  more than 6 months and a bunch of phone calls to finally get them to process our paperwork. We basically launched the boat for months and fished the bayous without the proper paperwork, until recently. 

I’m not sure if they’ve even reopened the state offices yet and  honestly I don’t care. It just confirms Hatch’s opinion that most of the government is a wasteful bureaucracy that does very little good for the people they serve. 

    Well, now our boat is finally legal so Hatch and I decided to give her a proper name. We made a list to choose from and I think I published it on this blog last year. Several of you sent me ideas or selected a favorite name from the list and Hatch thanks you for that! 

    Of all of the good ideas that we had we decided to name the boat in honor of my mom. Ms. Ruby. 

     We have a good time on the Bayous in South Louisiana and on Lake Pontchartrain enjoying the sun and the water in our fishing boat. Every time we go out on the water we bring some honor and share some good memories of my Mom. 
Ruby Geneva. 

Here’s to you Ms. Ruby. ❤️