My Dog is Smarter Than Harvard

Harvard University came out with a new “study” that says, red meat causes Type 2 Diabetes. Hatch laughed out loud. 
   Hatch (after he stopped laughing) asked, “Are you sure it isn’t processed foods, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle?”. Well he didn’t phrase it that eloquently though, he was a bit more crude. He mumbled something like, “Maybe it’s the boxes of Little Debbie’s that we are eating in our recliners with our belt buckles undone. Savage.

    The dog does have a point. Harvard University Lies. Do not believe any thing that comes out of Harvard or any other institution of “higher learning”. 

Here is some of the misinformation that Harvard professors believe and promotes:

~Men can become women.
~Defund the police.
~We can control the weather.
~Masks will save your life.
~Terrorist are the good guys.
~Evolution. You are a product of random chance.

Hatch doesn’t trust anything that a Harvest Study says. 
Smart dog.