Next Step

     I was talking to Hatch this morning on our walk, and we are both very excited about Christmas!
The countdown is on and we are just a little more than one week away. Hatch wants to know what I got him for Christmas, but I told him he had to wait until Christmas morning. He's been pouty ever since. Sometimes he's a big baby. This time of the year it's a great opportunity to get your life back on track. The new year is a good time to go back to church, lose some weight, choose a reading plan for Bible study, maybe exercise and spend some quality time with your family and maybe lose some weight.

   We're going to be preaching a message on December 26 called Next Step, and I'm going to outline some things that we could all do to grow in our faith and accomplish the purpose we were put here on the earth. It's a message that we've been working on for about six months here at Journey and I hope it'll help a lot of people. Join us in person if you're able or on the online campus on Sunday, December 26 here in Slidell. If you're joining us online you can log on at or watch from the Journey app.

   I'm going to go find Hatch and let him open one of his Christmas presents today. Merry Christmas from all of us at Journey!


Doug McAllister