Oliver Anthony

"Rich men of Richmond" by Oliver Anthony is the number 1 song on Earth this week. 
This unknown singer/ songwriter from a small town, wrote, performed and recorded a song that speaks what millions of us are thinking. He is one of us and not an 'artist' created by Nashville or Hollywood with the sole purpose of separating you from your money. This song reminds me of all the things that we have lost or are in the process of losing. We all understand that things change and products come and go, but the essential part of life is the sense of community that all of us need in order to survive. We can let go of things, but we can never let go of the community that holds the human race together. 

    I was raised by a man who grew up in a small town during the Great Depression, and was shaped by the culture of World War II. He imparted to me some core values that I still live my life around. Small town values like the ones in that song.
Love each other. 
Share what you have. 
Hold on to your faith. 

They don't make men like my Pop anymore, who leave behind something worth holding on to. 
But on second thought maybe they do. Oliver Anthony is living proof. 

He's singing the song of a generation.