I’ve been calling Hatch by the name “Sasquatch” for the last couple of weeks. This morning he wanted to know why I changed his name. Crazy dog! I told him that I didn’t change his name I just like the story about Bigfoot and Hatch asked “What is a big foot?”. So I told the dog the story of the mythical beast.


    Bigfoot has been ‘spotted’ around the world. He is known by many different names like Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch, to name a few, because the legend of a large, hairy, bipedal creature is so prevalent in so many different cultures around the world. Is he real? No one knows.


   Back in the 1970s Bigfoot was all the rage. There were movies and books and comic books and legends and even some questionable video taken of the Sasquatch. I wonder why every picture or video  taken of this hairy dude is always very blurry.


    I’m sure Bigfoot is just a story made up to entertain people who live in the country, like we did. But the truth is me and my cousins spent a lot of hours in the woods around our houses looking for the creature. We never saw Bigfoot nor even a footprint but we searched everywhere. We used to say that when we grew up we were going to form an official Bigfoot search team and go locate him but we got busy with girls and work and school and forgot about the dream. I think about Bigfoot occasionally and how much fun I had as a little boy tracking him through the woods even if it was only in our imagination.


   So for the last few weeks I’ve been walking “Sasquatch” through the neighborhood, thinking about boyhood, dangerous adventures and living the dream.