So I’m turning sixty years old in a few weeks and I’m not quite sure what to think about it. I don’t feel old and I still think of myself as young until I look in the mirror then reality slaps me in the face. My hair is gray and my forehead has a few lines, like I’ve been pondering something serious now for a while. I still have my teeth (most of them) and I’m in good health, for the most part. But the truth is I’m well passed the half way point of life and staring down the barrel. 
That takes some getting used to, for sure. 


    Our kids are all grown and we have 9 grandchildren and Rachel and I are still together. After all these years, I’m still living with and loving my high school girlfriend. We started dating in 1979 and we’ve been together since. 43 years with the same girl. My only girlfriend. We have built a wonderful life together. 


~Happily married since 1981
~We put ourselves through college.
~Raised 5 incredible kids, four are married with kids of their own and one is in college.
~9 Grandchildren and counting.
~Building and serving Journey Fellowship Church together since 1996. 
~Have lifelong friends that are our family. 
~We have traveled the world together. Between us we’ve been to every continent. We have seen places and done things that we once only dreamed of. 
~Rachel & I are still best friends. 
~We have devoted our lives to Jesus, our family and Journey. 


The race isn’t finished yet, there’s still miles to go and a few years to live (hopefully a few decades) but so far it’s been a great ride. We have lived a dream together and we are grateful for every day. 

And we have a Westie that we adore. Glad you joined us for the ride, Hatch.