Social Rules

    Hatch and I were discussing some of the “social rules” that people live by in the South.


(At least where we’re from.)


     I was explaining to the dog that some of these rules is what holds our civilization together but he scoffed and even snickered a little bit and finally said, “Humans sure make some dumb rules".


    Hatch wrote down some of the “social rules” that he doesn’t like and added some commentary to each one and wanted me to tell you about it. 


So here’s Hatch’s list of Social Rules that he doesn’t like:


Rule #1 Never shop when you’re hungry.

Hatch’s commentary:
“This rule is a big problem for me because I’m always hungry.”



Rule #2 Don’t put your elbows on the table.

Hatch’s commentary:
I do not eat at the table and I do not have elbows. So…



Rule #3 Eavesdropping is rude.

Hatch’s commentary:
But that’s how I get all of my ideas for my blog. Besides, I don’t call it ‘eavesdropping’ I call it paying very close attention.



Rule #4. Don’t stare at people.

Hatch’s commentary:
That’s the only reason that I go outside.



Rule #5. Leftover boxes are off limits in the fridge.

Hatch’s commentary:
I do not possess opposable thumbs so the entire refrigerator is off-limits to me. So yeah…



Rule #6. Never wear white shoes after Easter.

Hatch’s commentary:
All of the fur on my body is white and I wear it year round.


Hatch had many more examples but I told him six was enough and now he’s pouting on the porch and won’t look at me.