The Local Church

    I've been in Columbus Ohio all week and I had to leave Hatch behind but he's in good hands. He's with Ms Rachel and having the time of his life. We had coffee together today by sharing a picture... be in Columbus and  she in Lacombe. Hatch joined in too. 

   The Lead Team and I are attending the Assemblies of God General Council, 2023. GC23. I'm always inspired to be around other pastors and missionaries and especially church planters. They hold a special place in my heart maybe because that's the life that we have lived.  Ms Rachel and I and our kids planted Journey in 1996 and we Devoted our lives to this church. To His Church. 
    The church planting arm of the AG is called CMN, which stands for Church Multiplication Network. I've had the privilege to serve on our Church Planting team in Louisiana and helped celebrate 4000 new churches planted in the last two decades. Over 400 new churches in 2022!

   The Church's mission is to preach the Gospel to every nation, city &  neighborhood. The message of the Gospel of Jesus is the only hope of the world. 

All for the King and the lost.