The Move


    We have been moving the church to a new location for the last five weeks and I have certainly missed talking to you. It was quite a large task, and some days were a bit overwhelming as we moved 1500 people and all of our belongings to the other side of our city. While by no means is it a comparison, I got a taste of a little of how Moses and the children of Israel must’ve felt moving from Egypt to the Promised Land. 
   Most days we were working for 12 hours physically moving from the old campus and organizing the new campus, and at the same time, keeping up with all of our ministry responsibilities of serving the Lord and his people. Our pastors and staff, as well as about 100 volunteers pulled off what seemed like the impossible. 
   On June 4, we held our first public worship experience at the new location. While much work remains to be done, the ministry continues. 

Thanks to all of you who believed, prayed, served and gave. This move happened because of you. Come visit us at our new location. Go to for driving directions.

It’s a new season at Journey.