The Mystery

In a lifelong pursuit to understand the nature and character of God, we have to work with the clues that the Creator left behind. Not because God wants to make it hard for us to understand Him, on the contrary this is His plan to help us understand the greatness of His glory. 

This concept brings to mind these questions:

How can a finite mind comprehend an infinite one?

How can an “all present” Being remove Himself from our presence?

Why is faith the key to understanding the Almighty?

The Mystery of the universe can only be understood by a person who encounters the Almighty, and builds a relationship with Him through faith. Then faith becomes the evidence of what we cannot see and the substance of what we long for.

We live in a universe that has been finely tuned with the sole purpose of sustaining intelligent life. Human beings. 

But, the irony is, the Great Creator of the universe withdrew Himself to allow humanity to flourish and learn how to use the gift of free will and to experience choices and destiny. And as a result, we primarily uncover the mystery of our existence in the context of conflict and resolution.

A few truths come into focus as we study the clues around us:

~There is no resolution without conflict.

~The is no solution without mystery.

~There is no answer without the question.

The story of the Gospel is the unraveling of the mystery of the universe. The Creator who had withdrawn Himself from His creation, reentered it not as the glorious designer and ultimate sustainer of life but instead He came as a mere mortal to show the way to immortality. 

The Eternal Spirit clothed Himself in a vessel of dust and then He lived among us.

The clues to the mystery is right in front of your eyes but you cannot see them without faith. And that is one of the greatest gifts that The Creator gave humans. The power to believe.

Believe on the God who became a human. It’s the only path to the Father and along the way you will unravel some of the mysteries of the Universe.