Three Legged Dog

     Hatch injured his front left paw somehow last Friday, and he limped on it all weekend long. Mrs. Rachel made an appointment for him at the vet on Monday afternoon, and I took him in for a visit. He really likes his doctor and especially the staff that attends to him there. They treat him very special, and he eats it up. The vet said that it looks like he has an injury to the pad on his left paw and prescribed some antibiotics and some TLC. He’s almost done with his round of meds, and he’s walking on all fours again. 
    Most of our walks this week have been very short because he was hobbling along on three legs, but he seems to be all better now. He slept a lot and didn’t eat very much food so we haven’t had much time to talk this week. But now that he’s getting better, I have a few questions to ask him. I’ll let you know what he says next Thursday.