“Time” by Dawn Loycano

My friend Dawn posted this note on Social Media. Hatch really liked this and wanted to share it with you. Thanks Dawn. ❤️

We are always running out of time. 

And we know it. 

So we move faster, do more, fill life to the full, to make it count. 

When what we really should be doing is slowing down, stopping, taking in the world around us and squeezing everything out of the moment, not in.  

God has a plan for each of us and He wants each of us to walk in the beautiful life He has given us.

Our Mission on this Earth 🌎 is to let others Know about Him., Not to spend our time trying to let other know who “we are”.
Too often we spend too much time trying to get people to see Us and not God within us.

It has taken me more than half of my life to realize this Truth and I will spend the rest of my life walking with His Purpose not Mine.

It’s only when the pace settles and the breaths deepen that life can truly be absorbed. 

So remember…
We are always running out of time, 
and we know it. 

So start being here and now, my friend, 
because we do not know when that last grain of sand will drop.

And you may miss the beauty of its moment.
Never miss the beauty of that moment.