I took Hatch out for a long walk this morning and we were talking about how great the weather is and how lucky we are to live in south Louisiana. Other than the hurricanes (Hatch said thatโ€™s a huge qualifier) our weather is pretty amazing and he is right. We just lived through Hurricane Ida and she was brutal. We are still cleaning up the mess. But here we are in October and life goes on. Also October holds several important dates for me. One, its my birth month and I turned 59 this year and that seems impossible. I now qualify for the seniors discount but .50 cent coffee seems to be a poor reward for getting old. Two, Journey turned 25 years old on October 6th. We planted the church in October 1996 and we snapped our finger and a quarter of a century flew by. Just like that. We loved every day of the last 25 years and we are grateful to our kids, our immediate families, our staff, all of our Journey family and most of all to Jesus for the joy that we have lived. Now the adventure continues as we look forward to the next 25. I am preaching a 5 part series this month called โ€œXXVโ€ as we are celebrating the goodness of the Lord. You can watch the sermons on the Journey App and celebrate with us. Hatch is wondering off without me so Iโ€™m going to catch up with him. Happy Birthday Journey! You look great at 25.