You Are a Masterpiece

Hatch and I woke up about 4:30 this morning to start our day. We don’t usually go for a walk until first light so we’re sitting here waiting for the sun to come up and Hatch is sitting on my foot.


I was typing the outline for my Sunday sermon and Hatch asked me, “What are you doing?” So I told him what I was doing and then we began talking about the sermon. He wanted to know what it was about so I said it’s about the miracle of life and how the Great Creator of the universe gave every human being unique DNA inside

of every cell.


 God left his finger print inside each one of our cells, like an artist would sign a masterpiece.

Hatch perked up and said, “Do you think I’m a masterpiece?” To which I replied, “Absolutely”.

Here’s some things me and Hatch think everyone should know about the Great Creator.

First let’s start with this, The Great Creator designed each person as a unique individual down to the microscopic level.


 Let’s take a closer look at your DNA:

You have 37 trillion cells in your body right now and each cell contains a complete copy of your unique human genome.

That’s your DNA. There is enough DNA in your body that if uncoiled it would reach from the Earth to the Sun 530 times, although it would still weigh only 5 1/2 pounds. Your DNA spans 49 billion miles and each chemical building block along the way must be perfectly matched to create life.

With all of the DNA science that is known to mankind, they still want you to believe that it all happened by random chance.


 In function, DNA is somewhat like a memory chip in a computer. It stores and transfers encoded information and instructions. It is said that one coil of DNA in a human cell stores enough information code to fill 1,000 books -- each with 500 pages of very small, closely-printed type.

The information that creates life is so compactly stored that the amount of DNA necessary to code all the people living on our planet might fit into a space no larger than an M&M!


 What is the probability that all of this happened by chance?

It is estimated that there is less than 1 chance in 10 to the 40,000 power that life could have originated by random trials. 10 to the 40,000power is a 1 with 40,000 zeros after it!

There hasn’t been enough time in the history of the universe (even if it’s 14 Billion Years old) to try all the combinations to create even ONE STRAND of DNA.


 You were created by the Lord God in his image. You have a purpose. He has a plan. He has a name.

Jesus the Messiah is the Creator of the Universe.


He loves you.


You are His masterpiece.